Infrared Sauna Treatment

Infrared Sauna Treatment

Reduce muscle and joint pain, inflammation and toxins during a warm, and relaxing 30 minute FAR, Infrared Sauna.

FAR 3 Person Infrared Sauna

Our “FAR” Infrared Sauna is the most environmentally friendly sauna ever built.


How would you like to have all the benefits from the sun, without all of the harmful rays? Or burn calories, eliminate toxins, relieve muscle and joint pain, and reduce inflammation while resting comfortably in a relaxing, warm environment? Infrared saunas allow you to do just that. With a 30-minute session, you can effortlessly receive these benefits and more.



Couple Relaxing

Raise Your Body’s Core Temperature For Superior Toxin Elimination.

Modern life has brought us incredible technology and wonderful conveniences, but many of these have come at a price. Every day we are exposed to chemicals and heavy metals that become stored in our fat cells, our tissues, and even our brains. Low-level exposure to one or two of these toxins may not be harmful, but the multiple sources that we encounter daily can lead to a toxic accumulation in the body, causing a variety of health problems, particularly as we get older.A far infrared sauna is one of the most effective ways to assist the body in removing these environmental toxins. It does this by raising the body’s core temperature and stimulating the sweat glands. The skin is the largest organ of the body and one of its primary functions is to eliminate toxins through sweating. This process also reduces the burden on the other organs of elimination, such as the kidneys, liver, and lungs, improving their ability to detoxify the body.


Human Heart

Strengthen Your Cardiovascular System Through Increased Circulation.

Boost Immunity and Cardiovascular Health

The brief increase in the body’s temperature that you’ll experience during a session in the far infrared sauna can galvanize the immune system to produce white blood cells and T cells, which defend the body against infection and disease. Raising the body’s temperature can also strengthen the cardiovascular system by increasing heart rate and improving circulation as the body seeks to cool itself by sending blood away from the organs and toward the surface of the skin.


Reduce Stress

Stress Free Couple

Decrease Stress To Enhance Your Immune System.

Evidence suggests that stress may be a primary factor in many chronic diseases. The soothing warmth of the far infrared sauna helps to literally melt away stress. More importantly, taking time out from the demands of daily life to rest quietly in a peaceful setting and care for yourself can contribute to your overall health and well-being.



Other Benefits

People have reported using the far infrared sauna to reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis and fibromyalgia, aid in weight reduction and improve the appearance of cellulite, relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety, and beautify the skin. It has also been used as a substitute for heavy metal chelation therapy.


What is far infrared?

Far infrared rays are invisible to the naked eye, but are felt as heat. Unlike ultraviolet rays, far infrared does not cause sunburn, lead to skin cancer, or harm the body in ANY way. In fact, it offers a host of health benefits. Far infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin (to a depth of 1 1/2 inches), providing a pleasurable, soft heat that helps to drive stored toxins out of the fat cells and into the sweat glands and bloodstream, where the body is able to excrete via sweat, urine, and stool. And, although far infrared comprises a large range of energy, the Thermal Life™ sauna’s Bio-Resonance™ heaters only emit the most effective frequencies for detoxification.


Poplar Woods

Hypoallergenic Poplar Wood Provides Superior Detox Results.

The Thermal Life™ High Tech Health Sauna

The Thermal Life™ sauna is made from hypoallergenic poplar wood, which is superior for detoxing, since it does not offgas like some other woods, nor does it contain the potentially-irritating volatile terpines of typical cedar-built saunas. It is the ideal material for people dealing with chemical sensitivities and other health issues relating to toxicity. For this reason, the Thermal Life™ sauna also has glass windows, instead of plastic, and uses only water-based glues. Its precision controls allow you to determine the rate at which detoxification occurs, ensuring your maximum comfort.

For those concerned about the environment, the FSC-certified wood in the Thermal Life™ sauna is sustainable harvested and does not contribute to deforestation or the use of chemical pesticides. Ironically, many saunas are made from materials that are contributing to the very toxicity that people are trying to address by using a far infrared sauna! The Thermal Life™ sauna’s electronics and heater are also certified to meet stringent requirements restricting the use of certain chemicals and heavy metals that have been shown to accumulate in the tissues of living organisms.


Your Session in the Thermal Life™ Sauna

It is recommended that you drink plenty of water prior to arriving for your session in the infrared sauna in order to avoid the possibility of getting a headache due to dehydration. We also suggest that you avoid wearing any makeup or perfumes, because the heat of the sauna will open the pores of the skin and you don’t want to increase absorption of any synthetic chemical substances. Fresh towels will be provided for you to use in the sauna as a body wrap and additional towels will be placed on the bench and floor. However, you may also wear a bathing suit if that makes you more comfortable.

The maximum session time inside the infrared sauna is 40 minutes, but we recommend that you begin with 30 minutes on your first visit and work up to 40 minutes during future sessions. There are speakers inside the sauna, so you can listen to the radio or plug in an iPod or other digital music player to enjoy during your session. Sweating is an important part of the detoxifying process in the infrared sauna, but it is not recommended that you shower immediately afterwards, since this will stop detoxification. Instead, we will provide you with refreshing lavender towels to cool down after your session. You will also be given a glass of Ultima Replenisher in your choice of flavor to rehydrate the body and restore electrolytes.


With a session in the Thermal Life™ sauna at Wellness Within, you can be assured of a safe, enjoyable, restorative experience, with benefits that last long after your session is over.


  • Hemophiliacs
  • Pregnant or Nursing
  • Unstable angina
  • Advanced symptomatic heart disease
  • Severe adrenal suppression

Unfortunately, if any of the conditions above applies to you, you are not eligible for this service. Please be aware that the above list of contraindications is not absolute.

Disclaimer: The preceding is for information purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease or condition, nor should it take the place of medical advice or treatment.

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